No sports. The Boston Marathon has been cancelled. Basketball hit the skids with a flamboyantly arrogant gesture to the Coronavirus by Rudy Gobert - a nice guy I'm sure, just very bad comedic timing. Baseball's opening day is nowhere in sight. The list is endless. In f...

Okay. We’ve done what we can in the way of preparation. This bat-shit crazy virus is going to play out with or without our permission. We’ll do what we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

One of the lies I used to tell myself was that worry is a form of prayer....

So, this is my story:

I have, what I would consider, a difficult day. It’s not the kind of day where the mine shaft has collapsed and I’m trying desperately to get the canary out. It’s the kind where maybe I stood on my feet for too many hours, my back is achy, I hate t...

Kitchen Canary is the perfect book club read. Immediately engaging, historical, and filled with both hope and anguish. At 153 pages, it can be read in a day. This is especially good if you're a last-minute book club reader like me. Within sentences of beginning...

She’s six, and a true believer in both Christmas and everyday miracles.

Stella Vida, star life. Her name fits her. Like the stars, she has a magical quality, full of mysterious fire and challenging questions. Her favorite thing is the moon. Stella is the first person to...

Early in my writing career, one of my favorite mentors dropped this pearl of wisdom: Flawed characters are more loveable.

I’m sure most writers (along with most people) already knew this. I didn’t. I was always trying to give my protagonist super human qualities, such a...

My Dearest Daughters,

Yesterday was hard for me, I’m sure for you, as well. Valentine’s Day has always been more of a mother/daughter day for me, than a lover’s holiday. I relished surprising you with treats, trinkets, and cards to make you feel special. You always made...

February 8, 2018

The title says it all: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS ~ the perfect marriage or the perfect lie?

Author B.A. Paris does her readers a favor. Her cover design and title assuredly relay, “You’ll be reading a psychological thriller.” Thank you. It’s information most readers want at t...

I hope everyone enjoyed watching Oprah Winfrey receive the Cecil B. DeMille award for outstanding achievement in the world of entertainment at last night's Golden Globe Awards. Her speech was amazing. Her message was amazing. None of this is a surprise. Once you get to...

A review of THE GREATER WEIGHT OF GLORY - A Memoir by Robin Farnsworth

                                                                  It’s Christmas Day. The house is quiet, all the debris from last night’s huge family party has been efficiently smashed into trash ca...

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