Keyboard and Mouse

Original Screenplays

by Kathy Aspden


Category: Feature

Genre: Dramedy

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Nate Blazer has a quarantine plan. Organize the house, master remote school for his kids, and be the quintessential spouse to his working wife, Casey - while keeping his beloved Grampa Vito safe. The Blazers are rocking this quarantine - right up until they aren't. When things spin out of control, Nate's anxious OCD personality is put to the test. Think Steel Magnolias meets the Pandemic - with a dash of Clark Griswold thrown in for good measure!


In six months she's lost her voice, her husband, her job and her friends. Sound dire? Well this romantic comedy proves that sometimes silence speaks louder than words. With quirky resilience, a spirited woman finds more than love – she finds herself.

                               original artwork by Kathy Aspden


~ a quirky romantic comedy

     screenplay by Kathy Aspden

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What's the last thing a successful 48 year-old author of a scathing rant against America's obsession with youth and beauty needs?

To fall in love with a young plastic surgeon she met on book tour!

Will Grace sacrifice her fame, fortune, and reputation for one more chance at love?

There are 3 versions of this screenplay: PG, R, and oddly enough, Christmas!

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BLAISE MADDOCH is resourceful. He has figured out how to manage on his government ration of two gallons of fresh water a week. He meticulously controls an organic garden in his spare room, composts in his unused bathtub, cleans himself and his clothes using alcohol and baking soda, paints beautiful pictures, pampers his cat, and reuses his urine. That doesn't stop him from dreaming of a time when water was plentiful. 

BLAISE MADDOCH is a current finalist in the 2020


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        Pilot script

by Kathy Aspden

                               original artwork by Kathy Aspden

2046 ~ The American population is dying. Scientists have traced all diseases to one source – an autoimmune disorder created by interracial procreation. The rest of world watches in hope and horror as all medical intervention is outlawed, the sick are encouraged to die, and the government takes control of procreation. Citizens from inside and outside the government fight to survive the transition from a sick society to


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While the West coast evacuates due to threat of nuclear missile launch, Vinny and Megan spend the day searching for their dream house. 

This script has been optioned by producer Gary French and is scheduled for production in Spring 2021

OFFICIAL SELECTION - 15 Minutes of Fame

The Solomons' Dog

Karen and Michael navigate through the final days of their marriage in this very dark comedy.