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I’m a bit of an experience junkie. Along with my writing, I hold a US Patent for an invention, enjoy painting—both artistically and the occasional wall—and construction projects of any kind. I once spent nine months moving a 3-bedroom cottage from its original location on the water in Chatham, Massachusetts to my village residence in Marstons Mills - twenty-eight miles away. I had been fascinated with the idea of moving a building since seeing a For Sale sign on a trailered house when I was a child. It was inside that cottage I wrote my first novel, Baklava, Biscotti, and an Irishman, published in November 2016 to enthusiastic reviews and chosen as a Finalist in the Multicultural Fiction Category for International Book Awards.


Like many authors, writing was not my first career. After twenty-five years as a salon owner, I went back to college and began writing prolifically—short stories, essays, screenplays, reviews. This led to an online column for the Cape Cod Times, entitled HAIR’S WHAT I THINK a candid, humorous, though sometimes serious, look at life from the perspective of a million salon conversations.


After a trip to Los Angeles to meet with a movie producer about a feature-length script and another to the 15-Minutes of Fame Film Festival for the showing of my short movie, The Solomons’ Dog—a dark comedy about a divorce gone bad—I knew it was time to dive in and begin writing full time. It’s the best decision I ever made.


~ Kathy Aspden

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"Nothing can be done to take back that tiny millisecond when one soul recognizes another."


Baklava, Biscotti, and an Irishman is an entwined tale of deep love, deception and redemption, told within the backdrop of three beautiful coasts, and proving that nothing in life is random.

Artfully weaving together three lives, three coasts and three generations, Kathy Aspden’s breathtaking debut, Baklava, Biscotti, and an Irishman is a dazzling pastiche of love, deception, acceptance and forgiveness.

“Kathy Aspden’s first novel, BAKLAVA, BISCOTTI, AND AN IRISHMAN, is an emotional journey of love, loss, healing, and redemption. I rooted for each character and loved watching them be transformed by time and grace. I look forward to reading more of Kathy’s work in the years to come.”

—Tim Miller, Editor, The Cape Cod Times


Daniel Muldaur wants his wife back. He doesn’t care that she’s pregnant by another man. He refuses to turn his back on the life they built and the love they shared.

Will nine months be time enough for Danny to go from a man betrayed, to the proud father of someone else’s baby?

Can Teressa forgive herself the worst mistake of her life, never imagining the baby she carries might bring them more happiness than they’ve ever known - if only she can survive the guilt?

In an age when one molecule of DNA can change everything you thought true about your life, wouldn’t you want to know THE LOVE STORY BEHIND THE LIE?

"In her book, AN IRISHMAN'S SON, author Kathy Aspden shows us the ripple effects of one decision and its lasting impact on many lives. Her prose is crisp, her characters speak to you, and the journey she takes you on will stay with you long after you've finished reading.

AN IRISHMAN'S SON is a penetrating and well-crafted tale."

~ Casey Sherman, New York Times Bestselling Author of “The Finest Hours”


"Can even the most devoted love withstand the trauma of a devastating betrayal? This question is at the heart of AN IRISHMAN'S SON. In Kathy Aspden’s moving novel of a marriage under siege, Daniel and Teressa Muldaur must not only confront the truth about the child Teressa is carrying, but also the truths about themselves, and the many contradictions and complications of the human heart."

 ~ Anne D. LeClaire, Best-selling author of “The Halo Effect” and “The Orchid Sister”

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